Good Afternoon, Friday, 24 January 2020

Current staff of Stirling East Primary School

Mr Stephen Measday - Principal

Mr Chris Bennie - Assistant Principal - Digital Technologies

Mrs Stephanie Tulloch - Assistant Principal - Student Services

Mrs Anita Chave - Reception

Mrs Maria Fileti /Mrs Katrina Meatheringham - Reception 

Mrs Jodie Pryce  - Reception

Ms Lisa Chapman -Year 1

Miss Alexandra Curnow - Year 1/2

Mrs Bev Rowe / Mrs Jessica Grace - Year 1/2

Mrs Kate Madden - Year 1/2

Mrs Marianne Little/ Mrs Amelia Langton-Goldstone - Year 2

Mrs Amanda Wainwright - Year 3/4

Mrs Sue Zecchin Year 3/4

Mrs Sarah Finney - Year 3/4

Mrs Nicole Townsend -Year 3/4

Mr Richard Walker - Year 3/4

Mrs Pauline Semmens -Year 4/5

Mr Jonathan Webster/Mrs Stoyel - Year 5

Mrs Linda McClelland - Year 5

Mr Zac Hean - Year 6/7

Mr Andrew Cheney - Year 6/7

Ms Annette Davis - Year 6/7

Mr Zac Richards - Year 6/7

Mrs Denise Stringer - Music

Ms Fiona Byfieldt - Teacher Librarian

Mrs Patsy Burley and Mrs Katherine Fielding - French

Mrs Suzanne Cheney - Special Needs

Mr Adam Curran - Health and Physical Education

Mrs Karen Boscence - Non Contact Teacher

Mr Peter Tolcher - IT Manager/Library Support 

Mrs Karen Anderson - Administration Manager

Mrs Michelle Tiver - Bursar

Mrs Mardi Rayson- Office Administration

Mrs Amanda Stiles - Office Administration / OSHC

Mrs Jane Fairhead - Student Support

Mrs Nerida Axford - Student Support

Ms Alicia Scholz - Student Support

Mrs Carolyn Bennett - Student Support

Mrs Lyn Brooking - Student Support

Mrs Tracey Mezzino - Student Support

Ms Kate Franz - Student Support  - Media Studies


Mr Greg Anderson - Groundsperson

Miss Amie Tanner - OSHC Director

Miss Jen Dolman - OSHC Assistant Director

Mrs Wendy Mitchard - Canteen Manager

Mrs Gloria Riddle - Volunteer Coordinator - Uniform Shop

Our Values

Caring: By caring about myself and what exists around me, I can become a better person.
Acting responsibly: By acting responsibly I accept that I am responsible for my actions.
Respect: By being respectful, I embrace diversity and difference
Effort: By giving effort, I strive to always do my best

Department for Education and Child Development

Bushfire Information

New codes have been implemented for the Fire Danger Index, introducing a Code Red 'catastrophic.' On these days, all Adelaide Hills schools will be closed. It is essential as part of parent's home/family bushfire action plan that alternative plans are in place for children on these days. Schools will not be open and school buses will not run. Please see the attached link on the DECD Website for further information or download the following letter from the Chief Executive Officer.  Below is also a downloadable copy of the school's Bushfire Action Plan which details procedures that will be used by the school in the event of a bushfire or heightened risk of (ie - Total Fire Ban) a bushfire.  Parents are encouraged to become familiar with this document