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Governing Council Members - 2017

Members of the Governing Council for 2017 are:

Chairperson Tracy Riddle
Vice Chair Brenton Scroop
Secretary Karen Anderson - Minutes
Treasurer Greg Feutrill 
   Ben Dry

Cathie Trezona

Michelle Thomas

  Kate France

Alison Fenton


Matt Stein

Ursula Turbitt


Staff Stephen Measday plus two rotating staff representatives


Governing Council Minutes Downloads

You can download the minutes of the meeting by clicking on the documents below.



Our Values

Caring: By caring about myself and what exists around me, I can become a better person.
Acting responsibly: By acting responsibly I accept that I am responsible for my actions.
Respect: By being respectful, I embrace diversity and difference
Effort: By giving effort, I strive to always do my best

Department for Education and Child Development

Bushfire Information

New codes have been implemented for the Fire Danger Index, introducing a Code Red 'catastrophic.' On these days, all Adelaide Hills schools will be closed. It is essential as part of parent's home/family bushfire action plan that alternative plans are in place for children on these days. Schools will not be open and school buses will not run. Please see the attached link on the DECD Website for further information or download the following letter from the Chief Executive Officer.  Below is also a downloadable copy of the school's Bushfire Action Plan which details procedures that will be used by the school in the event of a bushfire or heightened risk of (ie - Total Fire Ban) a bushfire.  Parents are encouraged to become familiar with this document