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Curriculum for Stirling East Primary School

South Australian schools use the Australian Curriculum and have done so since 2012.  


There are 8 Learning Areas:

  • The Arts
  • Design & Technology
  • English
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Languages (French)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History and Geography

Reporting to parents on their child's progress is through bi-annual written reports and parent/teacher interviews.


Music is a major focus at Stirling East Primary School.

All students attend music lessons with a specialist teacher and there are many opportunities to learn an instrument, sing in a choir or play in a band. Professional music tutors teach private lessons in a wide range of instruments during school hours.

Currently, the school has a Beginner Band, Senior Band, Guitar Ensemble, Drum Ensemble and String Ensemble and. All Year 2 students learn the Recorder and Year 4 students learn the ukelele.  Student can join the junior or senior choir.

Concerts, assemblies and piano recitals are held throughout the year.

Students have been successful in winning music scholarships to Marryatville High School and to the non-government schools.


ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is also a strong focus with teachers and students integrating ICT's into the teaching and learning on a daily basis. The school has a BYOiPad program - inviting parents to provide an iPad for their child.  This program recognises that many families have existing iPads at home which often sit idle during the school day.  Students are able to utilise these devices in an educational way and continue their learning at home.  BYOiPads allow students to personalise their learning and engage with the technology when the student and the teacher recognise the device as the best tool for the job.  Mobile technologies provide true digital integration where the technology is seamlessly blended into the daily leanring program on a 'just in time' basis.  This program also has allowed the school to invest in complimentary technologies/resources such as a strong robotics program, network infrasrtucture and the planned establishment of a 21st Century learning space within the resource centre, due to come on line in 2016.  The school currently has over 370 iPads enrolled within the school and this number continues to grow.  Interactive Whiteboards are located in all classrooms including French, Music and the Library. Staff have undertaken, a continue to undertake in-depth Professional Development in ICT.

Since 2013 the school has been recognised as an Apple Distinguished school by Apple Australia - the only DECD primary school in South Australia to have been awarded this title. Our ICT focus person, Assistant Principal Chris Bennie was also awarded the title of Apple Distinguished Educator in 2009.

Co-Curriculum Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in the school's Debating Club. 

In 2006, 2008 and 2010 the Tournament of Minds Team won the State and National Championship in Maths & Engineering.

The school has had outstanding success in the Oliphant Science Awards and the University of New South Wales English and Maths Competitions.

A tennis coach is available for students interested in tennis lessons after school.

The students have regular fundraising activities to support two World Vision children in Rwanda and two animals at the Adelaide Zoo.

The school has close links with the Stirling community.  Of particular note is the school's engagement with the Stirling Historical Society and the RSL.

Each year the school is involved in the Stirling Christmas Pageant.

SHIP Enrichment Program

The school offers an enrichment program for identified Students of High Intellectual Potential (SHIP).

It is possible for parents of a child who has been identified as gifted to consider the option of enrolling their child at Stirling East Primary School at four and a half years.

Parents who are interested in this option are advised to start the often-lengthy process of assessment and early entry when their child turns four.

Our Values

Caring: By caring about myself and what exists around me, I can become a better person.
Acting responsibly: By acting responsibly I accept that I am responsible for my actions.
Respect: By being respectful, I embrace diversity and difference
Effort: By giving effort, I strive to always do my best

Department for Education and Child Development

Bushfire Information

New codes have been implemented for the Fire Danger Index, introducing a Code Red 'catastrophic.' On these days, all Adelaide Hills schools will be closed. It is essential as part of parent's home/family bushfire action plan that alternative plans are in place for children on these days. Schools will not be open and school buses will not run. Please see the attached link on the DECD Website for further information or download the following letter from the Chief Executive Officer.  Below is also a downloadable copy of the school's Bushfire Action Plan which details procedures that will be used by the school in the event of a bushfire or heightened risk of (ie - Total Fire Ban) a bushfire.  Parents are encouraged to become familiar with this document